Thursday, 23 June 2016

happy things

In case you're looking for a little light relief from all this Brexit talk, here's what's been making me happy lately. I will be voting by the way (to remain in), just a little sick of hearing about nothing else and wishing for it all to be over. Anyway on to the happy things!

1. I've probably mentioned this in previous ramblings but after a recent clear out I have to say it again, I love love love decluttering. I'm instinctively a hoarder at heart, after all who knows when that random shoe box (or 10) will come in useful? The answer to this, by the way, is always right after you throw the damn thing out. Still there's nothing more therapeutic and soul cleansing than a good clear out. I'll skip over the part where I sold an old camera on eBay and the person who bought it seems to be playing silly beggars. *Think zen thoughts, think zen thoughts*.

2. P and I cooked up a storm in the kitchen last weekend. We've achieved mixed results in our culinary attempts so far, to be fair it probably wasn't the wisest of ideas to start our baking ventures with a gluten free chocolate cake, but the steak and tartiflette we rustled up last weekend was delicious. Admittedly not the most summery of dinners but the weather's hardly behaving seasonally so why should we?

3. I managed to hammer out a 10k run, not quite sure how, because I haven't run that distance in ages. Someone probably pissed me off, I reckon I could run across America if someone annoyed me enough, stress is like rocket fuel for me when it comes to running.

4. Another food related one, my life does seems to revolve around food doesn't it, but there's probably worse things it could revolve around. Anyway I recreated Pret's Chef Italian Salad at home and it was goood. Chicken? Gooood. Cheese? Gooood. Olives? Good. Roasted Peppers? Goood.

5. I have to give a shout out to the very cute ducklings that are currently waddling around my village.

6. It looks like we're going to the Lake District for my birthday! Yay for exciting plans! Yay for going somewhere I've been meaning to visit for ages! Yay for countryside and walking and (hopefully) good food! I'm not going to mention the weather because that would be tempting fate.

7. Did you see my post on Broadway Market? I've definitely rambled about this before but nothing makes my soul happier than exploring markets, people watching, tasting delicious food and annoying  people/raising their suspicion by taking lots of photos and getting in their way.

8. I love Tesco's Tropical Granola but it's not good when sugar is second on the ingredient list, so I got all inventive and created my own non-refined sugar version. A recipe could be winging it's way here very soon.

9. I have a shiny new laptop. I know the little things are important and money can't buy you happiness, but I've been faffing about with my six year old laptop which has a broken USB port, is deadly slow and keeps shutting itself off randomly for far too long and this has made me happy so it's going on the list. 

10. And just to prove that I'm not all about the money and also that I'm not about to die from scurvy after all the steak, tartiflette and salted caramel brownies I've been scarfing recently, I've also been very much enjoying the first peaches of the season. I like them cut in half, drizzled with honey, sprinkled with a little bit of cinnamon, grilled and then served  with yoghurt - yum!

I think the world could always do with more happiness, so I've love to hear what's been making you happy recently - let me know!

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