Monday, 27 July 2015

A day in the city of dreaming spires

I'm fortunate enough to live only half an hour away from Oxford and for me, wandering around this beautiful city, camera in hand, is the best way to forget my troubles. Whenever I visit it feels like I'm stepping onto the set of a Harry Potter film or a period drama. I love exploring the narrow cobbled lanes, it feels like there is something magical hiding around every corner just waiting to be discovered. I headed there on Saturday in an attempt to escape from real life for a bit.

 Everytime I pass this place (The Vaults & Garden Cafe) it's packed out which can only be a good sign so I must try it soon, maybe on a weekday once the summer rush has passed. For now admiring the pretty entrance is enough.

Stepping into Oxford Covered Market is like stepping back in time, there are loads of great independent shops and restaurants to be discovered along the dark alleyways.

Not sure what this is but it's pretty :)

I stumbled across the most beautiful little restaurant called Gee's. Who wants to join me for brunch  here? I'm sure it would be amazing!

Right next door was the most gorgeous flower shop with a bike and a watering can and a little step ladder all adorned with flowers.

 I've been meaning to pay a visit to this little avenue on a Saturday for a while as I had heard great things about the market and I wasn't disappointed.

As well as stalls lining the street, there were a few independent shops like this one. It would be my absolute dream to own a shop as beautiful as this.

I had the most amazing salted caramel brownie from the Barefoot Kitchen stall. I no longer have to venture into London to get a salted caramel brownie fix - yay!

This is Green Templeton College, unfortunately it's not open to the public so I had to make do with admiring it from afar.

This little B&B looks so cute!

The name of this lane really is straight out of Harry Potter. How amazing would it be to live on Logic Lane?

I had such a lovely day wandering around some of my favourite places in Oxford and discovering  new hidden gems, it truly is a magical city. 

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