Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Cornish Escape

Back in March (how the heck are we in July already? I swear someone is messing about with the time) my friend had the quite frankly amazing idea of booking a cottage (which actually turned out to be more of a manor house) in Cornwall to celebrate turning 30 in style. I'm not quite sure how I reached twenty-nine without ever having visited Cornwall (I obviously had a deprived childhood) but somehow I managed it, so I was excited to find out more about this lovely part of Britain that people rave about so much. The long old five hour drive down there was worth every second, as soon as I crossed the border into Cornwall it felt like I had somehow been transported to a completely different country. Apparently we were quite lucky with the weather (although I think this is just what the locals tell everyone to try and keep people away and to be honest who can blame them?) and it was glorious sunshine the whole five days we were there. The cottage/manor was this beautiful property owned by the National Trust, it was like something out of Pride and Prejudice, perfect for swanning about in and pretending to be a lady. The view from the house over the River Helford was stunning, it honestly looked like a painting. 

That picture's a bit wonky isn't it? I don't think I had even had any G&T's at that point so I definitely can't blame it on being drunk. Note to self - must learn how to use Photoshop soon so I can tidy up my photos, especially considering I work for Adobe!

We had such a lovely few days of eating breakfast outside, skimming stones, walking along the coast, exploring tiny fishing villages, picnics (with gin, which in my opinion make the best kind of picnics), drinking in cosy seaside pubs and cooking up feasts from Persiana. All we needed was a dog called Timmy and we would have had our very own Famous Five adventure (although there were more than five of us and we have a few more years on Julian et al but you get the idea).

Glendurgan Garden was just around the corner so we had a wander around the exotic valley gardens and got lost in the maze until a five-year-old girl kindly showed us the way out.

And how could I forget the gorgeous sunsets?

I can't wait to get back to Cornwall soon and explore more. Have you been to Cornwall? Do you have any recommendations for me of places to visit?

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