Saturday, 1 November 2014

Shoreditch street art

At times it felt like last week would never end, I woke up on Friday feeling like it should be Sunday, never mind Saturday and then to top it off someone at work said something that really upset me. To be fair it's not that hard because I am quite sensitive and I'm trying to toughen up a bit but needless to say I was very happy when Friday evening finally arrived!

I spent today exploring in and around Shoreditch and it's been the perfect way to switch off from work. I had some delicious Vietnamese food for lunch, wandered around Old Spitalfields Market and visited St Dunstan in the East. More to come about those in later posts but my favourite part of Shoreditch was the amazing street art I stumbled across by chance when walking from the cafe I had lunch in to Old Spitalfields Market. It blew me away!

Since getting back from London I've discovered you can take street art tours and I definitely want to book myself on one of these soon. I hope everyone has had equally lovely Saturdays!

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