Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Happy things

1. We now get free coconut water and the new Innocent super smoothies at work along with the normal soft drinks  - fancy!

2. My visa for India arrived. After having to use the world's most user unfriendly online system to apply for it I wasn't actually sure whether I was going to get it or not, so this made me very happy. It also makes my upcoming trip feel a lot more real.

3. The John Lewis advert. Do I have to say anymore? It actually melted my heart a little bit and I now totally want my own pet penguin.

4. The first frosty morning of the winter.

5. Seeing my Niece getting very, very excited about fireworks.

6. Lovely comments on my blog.

7. Hearing my friend has met a gorgeous new fella after having a very horrible couple of years.

8. The beautiful sky this morning as the sun rose.

9. The most amazing chocolate brownie from Gail's Artisan Bakery - more to come on this cute little bakery later.

10. Getting to know a colleague from our Sydney office. Work have set up a buddy system so I now have buddies in the US and Asia teams and it's been very cool meeting them.

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