Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Weekend

Apart from a fleeting visit to London on Saturday to catch up with friends over lunch I haven't done very much at all this weekend and it's been blissful!

When I arrived home on Friday evening  I felt tired to my bones but I dragged myself out for a walk (I try to do a bit of exercise every day as it makes a noticeable difference to my energy levels) and I'm so glad I did. Living at home isn't ideal but I think these photos show that I can't complain too much.

On Saturday I ventured into London to meet friends for lunch at 10 Greek Street which we chose for the glowing reviews it has received and we weren't disappointed. It's a small, unpretentious restaurant just south of Tottenham Court Road Station with a short, simple menu. Some might say the service was a bit slow but it was perfect for us as we wanted to catch up over a leisurely lunch. All the food was absolutely delicious, from the bread basket they bought out before we ordered, to the pork, mustard mash, pancetta and kale I had for my main dish, followed by the creme catalan, damson and vanilla cream for dessert. I would absolutely recommend this place if you're looking for a nice restaurant in the area, the reviews are well deserved. 

Today has been spent reading, cooking, planning holidays, eating deliciously healthy food (like this lovely curry by Honestly Healthy) watching tv and going for a quick run. It might sound boring to some but I feel wonderfully re-energised and ready for the week.

I hope you all had equally wonderful weekends and wish you a great week ahead!

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