Saturday, 20 September 2014

A foodie kind of Saturday {Borough Market & Maltby Street Market}

Today was a foodie day, which in my book is the best kind of day! I popped into Borough Market but only briefly because because it was heaving (note to self - go earlier next time!) and although the food is amazing it's not worth getting elbowed every two seconds for.

I then decided to venture to somewhere I have been meaning to go for a while - Maltby Street Market and I'm so glad I did! It was busy but not as crazy packed as Borough Market and it's in a lovely setting in a small street decked out with flags, alongside railway arches. It's mostly made up of food stalls but there were also stands selling flowers and soap.

For lunch I had one of these bad boys (a cheddar and red onion with the optional bacon grilled cheese) from the Cheese Truck. It was amazing!

And if that wasn't heart attack inducing enough, I rounded lunch off with a triple chocolate brownie from Bad Brownie. I'm becoming a bit of a brownie connoisseur and this one scores highly! I'm going to have to spend every day in the gym next week to burn it off but it was totally worth it.

If you like food markets and you haven't paid Maltby Street a visit, I would absolutely recommend it! I'm definitely going to head back there soon as there was so much other stuff (like the scotch eggs and the African Volcano burgers) I wanted to try.

Hope you've all had equally lovely Saturdays!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Beauty Favourites Part 2

Thought I would share with you some more of my favourite beauty products. As before I'm not being sponsored, these are products that I genuinely use every day and love.

This Kerastase Ciment Thermique is my favourite heat protectant product, I much prefer it to spray.

When the oil trend first started I was all  'Whaaat? Put oil on my hair? On my skin?' but now I'm using it as a cleanser (Body Shop Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil), rubbing it on my hair (Morrocan Oil), massaging it onto my skin every evening (Sanctuary Therapist's Secret Oil) and even stirring it into my porridge (coconut oil)  :)

This is a must for me at the moment as I seem to have permanent dark circles under my eyes.

I'd love to hear what your beauty favourites are!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Weekend

Apart from a fleeting visit to London on Saturday to catch up with friends over lunch I haven't done very much at all this weekend and it's been blissful!

When I arrived home on Friday evening  I felt tired to my bones but I dragged myself out for a walk (I try to do a bit of exercise every day as it makes a noticeable difference to my energy levels) and I'm so glad I did. Living at home isn't ideal but I think these photos show that I can't complain too much.

On Saturday I ventured into London to meet friends for lunch at 10 Greek Street which we chose for the glowing reviews it has received and we weren't disappointed. It's a small, unpretentious restaurant just south of Tottenham Court Road Station with a short, simple menu. Some might say the service was a bit slow but it was perfect for us as we wanted to catch up over a leisurely lunch. All the food was absolutely delicious, from the bread basket they bought out before we ordered, to the pork, mustard mash, pancetta and kale I had for my main dish, followed by the creme catalan, damson and vanilla cream for dessert. I would absolutely recommend this place if you're looking for a nice restaurant in the area, the reviews are well deserved. 

Today has been spent reading, cooking, planning holidays, eating deliciously healthy food (like this lovely curry by Honestly Healthy) watching tv and going for a quick run. It might sound boring to some but I feel wonderfully re-energised and ready for the week.

I hope you all had equally wonderful weekends and wish you a great week ahead!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A little catch up

I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged! Unfortunately I don't have an exciting excuse for my absence either, I wish I could say I've been globetrotting around the world or been swept off my feet by a handsome stranger but the reality is that work has taken over my life. However I'm slowly reclaiming it back because if I don't, I think I'll totally lose the plot. Over the past couple of weeks I've managed to lock myself out of my brother's house (with the oven on!) and had to ask their neighbours if I could jump over their fence to get back in, I  totally convinced myself I had lost my purse and had to frantically phone Tesco to see if I had left it at the self service checkout before finding it under my bed 24 hours later and I nearly set the kitchen alight after leaving a plastic pot of cream on the hot hob. I topped all this off last Sunday when I was visiting the Tower of London by dropping my camera and it sounds a bit silly now, but at the time I was distraught. I have a horrible tendency to sometimes catastophise (not sure if that's even a word, but if it's not it should be) things and get stuck in a downward spiral of negative thinking. Add in my single status (I won't tell you for how many years), my less than ideal living situation and never ending search for somewhere to buy and well, please promise me you won't laugh at this (well not too much anyway) but at one point I was totally convinced that I had been cursed.

Anyway you'll be glad to know that I've realised this is ridiculous, I've picked myself up, dusted myself off, reminded myself that no-one has died and that my camera is replaceable. I've decided to a be bit kinder to myself and slow down because life is too short and you know what, so far this week, so good. I know none of these events in the scheme of things are massively stressful but I might even put together some thoughts in another post on what has helped me feel better. In the meantime I wish everyone a lovely Wednesday!