Sunday, 10 August 2014

A little adventure in Cambridge

Work was horribly stressful last week and long hours meant I couldn't escape to the gym at the end of every day which is my usual method of unwinding, so when Friday finally arrived I was actually a bit giddy with happiness. 

I decided to take myself off on a little adventure yesterday, to one of my favourite places, the beautiful city of Cambridge. 

For me there's something quite magical about Cambridge, it feels like there is a secret hiding around every corner.

The stalls on Market Square are lovely to have a stroll around.

I'd love to be able to hire a bike with a wicker basket (which I'd have to fill with flowers of course) for the day. What a dreamy way to explore Cambridge, wheeling through the streets and pinging the bell!

This is my favourite view in the whole city.

Whilst wandering the back streets in search of  lunch I stumbled across this little gem of a cafe.

I love simple menus - makes deciding what to have so much easier!

I ordered a cappuccino and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on brioche toast. I didn't have room for cake but don't they look amazing?

And there was one little table left outside, it was meant to be! I settled down and it was the perfect spot to watch the world go by.

My cappuccino was almost too pretty to drink. I've added 'learn how to make pretty foam patterns' to my to-do list (which is by far the most interesting  and appealing thing on this list at the moment).

 My scrambled eggs and smoked salmon was delicious and went perfectly with the buttery brioche toast.

I finished lunch with a peppermint tea to sip on whilst I set off to explore a couple of Cambridge's colleges.

The gardens of Pembroke College provided the perfect place to escape the swarming hordes of tourists and find some peace.

Unfortunately Penshurst College wasn't open to visitors but this is a shot from the outside.

There seem to be amazingly talented buskers on every corner of Cambridge.

My little adventure to Cambridge yesterday was the perfect antidote to a somewhat trying week.

Today I went for a morning run so that I could have a guilt free lazy afternoon, drinking lots of tea and flicking through new recipe books- bliss!

I hope you've all had equally lovely weekends :)

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  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I've only been to Cambridge once but had such a lovely day. Looks like you experience Cambridge at it's best!