Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A work trip to Romania

No I'm not a vampire slayer (but how cool would that be to put on your CV?!), half my team are based in Romania so I'm off  on a work trip to Bucharest until Sunday. Not the most glamorous of locations admittedly, especially compared to some of my colleagues recent trips to Paris and New York but I don't travel that often so getting paid to go anywhere outside the M25 is a still a novelty to me let alone getting paid to fly to a different country. And we're not having to experience the evils of  budget airline travel either, it was looking like we might have to travel with Wizz Air at one point but it's going to be BA all the way :) We're having a team off-site which is corporate speak for getting away from the day job, having a few team meetings interspersed with nice dinners out and the chance for a bit of sight seeing. Working in HR there aren't that many perks of the job (compared to the marketing team who seem to spend the vast majority of their time attending glamorous red carpet events) so I'm excited. Although I'm fairly well travelled I haven't yet mastered the art of packing lightly so I've got everything except the kitchen sink in my suitcase. I also clearly need to learn the art of organisation because it wasn't until I was half way out the door that I realised my passport might be quite useful...

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